Our Mission

The Rexdale Community Legal Clinic strives to ensure social justice for people with low incomes through empowerment, advocacy and support. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of the communities we serve. Our mission is to provide high quality services in a manner that is consistently respectful, professional, innovative, efficient, and timely.

RCLC is committed to achieving this vision by:

  • Providing legal services to the low income community of Northern Etobicoke; including activities which encourage access to justice by our community.
  • Employing a diversity of staff; including lawyers, paralegals, community legal workers, case managers, youth justice, and administrative staff.
  • Providing the most appropriate delivery method from a range of services which includes summary advice, representation, community development, public legal education and law reform.
  • Directing our resources to cases that are most consistent with the priorities of the low-income community as set by our Board of Directors who reflect our community.
  • Providing legal services relevant to the low-income community and being a known and trusted resource within our community.
  • Addressing the root causes of the legal problems of the low-income community going beyond individual legal problems.